Diabetic Test Strips: Everything You Need to Know

12 February 2021

Diabetic test strips are the easiest way to monitor and control your blood sugar levels. This testing strip play a vital role in diabetes management by providing accurate blood sugar levels to patients who have diabetes.

Monitoring your blood sugar levels helps you to manage your diabetes and help you understand the after-effects of your medication, diet, and physical activities. A diabetic test strip and glucometer are necessary, and the essential diabetic supplies to monitor your blood sugar levels. To check your blood sugar level, you need to follow these simple steps;

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before testing your blood sugar level.
  • Put the diabetic test strip inside the glucometer.
  • Gently prick the tip of your finger and squeeze the drop of blood on the edge of the diabetic test strip.

Once the blood drop is placed over the edge of the diabetic test strip, the glucometer will display the readings of your blood sugar level. You can use a diabetic test strip only once, which means each time you monitor your blood sugar level, you need to use a new diabetic test strip.

The frequency of monitoring may vary depending upon the type of diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes need to monitor as much as ten times a day, whereas, for type 2 diabetic patients, it may be twice a day.

Diabetic Test Strips

The drop of blood interacts with the enzyme, and the glucometer electrically runs through that mixture to provide you with the readings of your blood sugar levels. The number you see on the glucometer is the speed of the electrical current. The higher the blood sugar, the stronger would be the signal.

Accuracy of the diabetic test strips has been a controversial issue over the years. Certain brands of meters and strips commit that they are more accurate in comparison to other brands. Even though the brands strive to be as precise as possible, there is still a margin of error. According to FDA regulations for all brands;

  • For results at or above 75mg/dl, 95% of the test results would be within ± 20% of the actual blood sugar level.
  • For results below 75mg/dl, 95% of the test results would be within ± 15% of the actual blood sugar level.

The accuracy of the diabetic test strips also depends upon how they are stored. If the test strips are kept in a hot and humid environment, that will affect the enzymes’ working on the test strips.

How consumers use the test strips also affect the accuracy of the diabetic test strips. Using expired test strips, rough handling, and using one brand of test strips on other brand glucometer are common sources of error in-house blood sugar monitoring.

Diabetic test strips are expensive, and their cost may vary depending upon the brand that you use. A typical diabetic test strip box of 50 vials can range from $ 8 to $ 95. It is due to this reason that many people in developing countries remain void of their diabetic supplies.

For lower-income families, monitoring and managing diabetes can become an extra expenditure that can heavily impact their daily requirements.

Taking proper care and maintaining your test strips in pristine condition makes it easier for you to deal with your diabetes management. Let us see some of the ways with which you can protect your unused test strips.

  • Prevent your diabetic supplies from coming into direct contact with heat. Always ensure to close the cap of the canister tightly.
  • Keep your diabetic medications away from moisture and dust to maintain their integrity and accuracy.
  • Do not refrigerate your diabetic supplies as extreme temperatures can damage your diabetes test kit.
  • Do not use damage and expired medical supplies to avoid testing errors or inaccurate results.
  • Always keep your diabetes test kit at room temperature and protect them from coming in direct contact with other elements.
  • Remember to check the expiration date before buying the diabetic & medical supplies from the pharmacy store or online.

If you have an excessive or overstocked pile of diabetic test strips, you can sell them for instant cash instead of just throwing them away. Selling diabetic test strips not only enable you to earn some money, but you also extend a helping hand to those who cannot afford these expensive diabetic test strips.

At, we enable you to sell your unexpired and undamaged packages of diabetic test strips.

Diabetic test strips play a vital role in knowing and maintaining your sugar levels. We have tried to explain everything about diabetic test strips through this blog that you need to know about how they work, how to use them, accuracy, costing, and selling your diabetic test strips.

We will be back with more such valuable insights on diabetes; till then, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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