Know About COVID-19 Vaccines And Diabetes

3 July 2021

 You are at much higher risk to get infected by Covid-19 if you have diabetes.

Therefore, the vaccine is quite important to stay safe and healthy.

Covid-19 vaccination is quite essential to not get infected with Covid-19 and this unfortunate pandemic. People living with diabetes are considered quite easy to get infected with this deadly disease and have severe disease.

You are not alone if there are different types of questions related to vaccines and diabetes popping into your mind. Here, we have covered this topic putting light on different aspects to take all your confusions away. Let’s check it out in a highly detailed manner –

· Reasons To Get Vaccinated If You Have Diabetes –

Studies have already cleared that individuals with diabetes are supposed to be in worse condition if they get exposed to Covid-19. Half of the people who lost their life from Covid-19 had diabetes. According to the thoroughly done studies, individuals with type one or two diabetes are at higher risk to get infected and face severe illness. This is why health experts consider vaccines to be quite significant to have if you are living with diabetes.

Vaccine holds the ability to not let you get infected with the actual virus. By getting vaccinated, you do not only keep you safe but your loved ones and your community as well. Being vaccinated means you would be less likely to get infected with the virus as well as would not have complicated issues caused by this virus. Vaccines are quite effective to prevent this virus.

Moreover, it could be said that vaccines are one of the highly effective tools to not let the health system collapse like it happened earlier in many countries and cities all across the world. Being vaccinated does not mean that you would not need to follow the Covid guidelines. You still need to cover your nose and mouth to not come in contact with the actual virus directly. And you still need to maintain a safe distance to not let this virus spread.

· Vaccine Is Safe or Not If You Are A Diabetic –

Clinical trials of people with Type 1 and 2 have already been done and results were satisfied as the vaccines were quite efficacious and made the immune system much stronger. As per health experts, there is no risk for individuals living with diabetes if they get the covid-19 vaccine as it is completely safe.

There is no need to bother since no interaction with insulin/other medications would happen in case one with diabetes is on medicines.

All sorts of Covid-19 vaccines have already been tested thoroughly to ensure they are safe to use. Diabetic patients did not experience any sort of severe side effects after getting vaccinated whether it is a Pfizer or Moderna. You probably feel mild side effects after getting your vaccine done and you do not need to bother about it.

If you notice the common side effect that means your body’s immune system is getting into action after getting vaccinated. The vaccine makes your body able to have enough strength to not get this virus that affects you badly in case you get exposed to a person with corona.

· Which Vaccine Is Effective and How Much –

These vaccines have already been tried on people with diabetes. Since they were not introduced in the market directly, they are safe to have.

  • Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine – Two doses would be given spaced 21 days
  • Moderna Vaccine – Two doses would be given spaced 28 days

These vaccines are 90% effective. And people who had any of these vaccines were less likely to get infected with Covid-19.

  • Johnson & Johnson Vaccine – Only one dose would be given and it is 66% effective.

Studies say that no deaths or hospitalizations from covid-19 happened among the people who got vaccinated.

· What Side Effects Can Be Expected –

First of all, you do not need to get scared of side effects since most people do experience this even people who are not diabetic. Generally, you probably experience pain, swelling, or redness around the injection area. Other minor side effects could be tiredness, chills, or headaches.

Some people could have mild side effects while some could have severe as we all have different immune systems and our body reacts differently. Health experts say that these side effects are quite similar when you have a flu vaccine.  We all are going through a tough time and we need to help each other to get back to normal life.

Whether it is about following all guidelines to prevent corona or helping the needy especially those who are diabetic by taking a step to sell test strips online if you have extra, we should be responsible as much as possible. 

Conclusion –

If you are diabetic, you must get vaccinated as soon as possible. You should not go with misconceptions. Get your appointment fixed and take the vaccine as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: We at cannot and does not contain medical or mental health advice. The medical mental health information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Before you take any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the professionals or healthcare specialist.

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