Managing Diabetes while Travelling: Planning is the Key

19 November 2020

Are you planning to go out on vacations with your family or a business trip? Tracking cheap flights, researching your destinations, and making reservations require a lot of planning to make your trip a smooth and successful one.

Does your planning checklist include Diabetes Management? Having your diabetes treatment plan on top to keep your sugar levels in check, you do not have to sacrifice your health or trip. This article guides you with those extra precautions so that you can count on more fun and fewer worries.

Before you leave

  • Visit your doctor and discuss your travel plans to have a prescription explaining your condition and medication needs. It is advisable to carry copies of your medication records and health records while traveling. A doctor’s prescription can also help you in case you are experiencing a diabetic emergency.
  • Prepare yourself for anything by packing extra medications, insulin or glucose tablets, and diabetic test strips. Having an extra pile of your diabetic test strips will enable you to monitor and control your blood sugar levels while on the go.
  • Pack your medications based on your travel itinerary to ensure that you do not run out of your diabetic supplies. Carrying your doctor’s prescription might help you to look up local pharmacies or clinics nearby in case you need to refill your medications.
  • Delayed meals and unfamiliar food can disrupt your meal schedule and blood glucose affecting your diabetes management plans. Always carry healthy snacks to avoid junk foods that can help you stay one step ahead of hunger while keeping your sugar level checked.

During your flight

  • Let your travel companions know about your diabetes; be honest with them about your health conditions. Always remember to carry your medical ID that briefly describes your health conditions when traveling solo.
  • List your doctor’s information, medication details, health instructions, emergency contact number, and keep them in your wallet. That way, in case of emergency, people around you would be able to respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Protect your medications’ potency, blood sugar monitor, insulin pump, and diabetic supplies by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Always use a cold gel pack to chill your insulin and avoid ice pack as freezing can also damage the insulin.
  • Ensure that all your medications and diabetic supplies are in your reach rather than in your checked baggage. In case of delayed meals, having snacks in your handy backpacks in low sugar dip helps you with a quick boost.

At your destination

  • When you reach your destination, at first, your sugar levels may be out of your target range. Ensure that you check your sugar levels frequently and take medications to treat the highs or lows as instructed by your doctor.
  • Keep on changing your shoes and socks frequently to avoid blisters and sore pressure points. Check your feet daily for any swelling, redness, scratches, and get medical care in case of any infection. Avoid walking barefooted and follow your daily foot care routine.
  • Stick to your daily diet schedules and avoid delayed meals. Always look out for healthy meals such as salads, fruits, yogurt, and vegetables. Avoid giant buffets and lookup for some low-carb diets that fit in your meal plan.
  • Do not push yourself, and instead be kind to your body. While exploring your destination, avoid extended sightseeing and hiking sessions as it can drain your body’s glucose. Be prepared to test sugar levels frequently, as it is not easy to maintain a normal lifestyle when you are traveling.

Now that your vacation or business trip is over, are you concerned about the extra diabetic test strips you purchased for the trip? Well, you do not have to worry about your unused and unexpired diabetic test strips.

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Traveling with diabetes can be challenging, but it does not have to keep you at home. As long as you plan carefully, you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip’s exciting experiences and be able to keep exploring the world.

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