Selling your diabetic test strips to help those living with diabetes during COVID -19

6 November 2020

During the outbreak of Corona virus worldwide, many people found it challenging to fulfill their Diabetic Test Strips requirements. With the hospitals focusing on emergency patients, pharmacists being non-operative, and panic buying affecting the stock availability, patients living with diabetes were concerned with managing and maintaining their sugar levels.

Do you have unused boxes of Diabetic Test Strips? Are your Diabetic Test Strips getting expired during the pandemic? Don’t let your diabetic test strips expire, when you can earn cash for your unused, unexpired, and undamaged boxes of Diabetic Test Strips while helping those who are in need, indeed. This article can help you sell your diabetic test strips without stepping out of your houses and stay protected from the threat of Coronavirus.

To sell your diabetic test strips, either you can opt for package pick up, or you can drop off your packages at buyers’ location with guaranteed payment.

  • Opting for package pick up request: Are you not willing to step out of your houses? Then don’t worry, opting for a pickup request is the easiest and safest way to sell you diabetic test strips. Most of the diabetic test strip buyers offer pick up services where an in house delivery driver  will pick up the package from your home. At our delivery driver  professionals ensure safety by maintaining social distancing and using hand sanitizers while picking up the boxes from your home.
  • Dropping off Package: While choosing the drop off package services, you have to drop off your diabetic test strips at the buyer location. You can select your drop off sites based on the location services offered by the buyer and get paid instantly for your diabetic test strips. None of the professionals at comes in direct contact with the clients’ to ensure safety during COVID-19.

Both these ways enable you to sell your diabetic test strips and get cash in your pocket, keeping you safe and secured in this pandemic. However, remember one thing; You are Your best Caretaker! Whether you are shipping or dropping off your diabetic test strip package, follow these simple yet effective steps to ensure your safety.

  • Wear a mask while shipping or dropping off your diabetic test strips at your doorstep or the buyer location can reduce the spread of virus between people while interacting in close proximity.
  • Using gloves while accepting cash from the buyer or handing over your diabetic test strips always wear gloves as this could reduce the spread of the virus through materialistic items.
  • Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before and after selling your strips. Even if you are not selling your diabetic test strips sanitizing your hands is highly recommended to avoid the spread of the virus.
  • Choose an online mode of payment and avoid taking cash to reduce the risk factor through physical contact. At, we encourage our clients’ to receive payment through PayPal, Zelle and other payment platforms.
  • Maintain social distancing when interacting in person with buyers’ to sell your diabetic test strips.


Our reason behind publishing this blog was to shed some light on the ways as to how you can sell your diabetic test strips during this pandemic. We have tried to cover every aspect with which you can sell your unused diabetic test strips and earn cash while extending your helping hand to others. Always remember, the best way to take care of yourself is by taking care of others.

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!!

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