Top 10 Healthcare Apps For Diabetes Glucose Tracking, Nutrition and Sell Test Strips

16 April 2021

With diabetes, whether type1 or type 2, understanding the effect of medication, your diet, and physical activities is a crucial part of diabetes management. It can be overwhelming while determining the carb count, insulin dosage, medications, blood pressure, and weight.

In this digitally connected world, there are apps from social media to news to shopping, then why not an app to manage your health. With these healthcare apps, you can track your physical activities, sugar levels, blood pressure, nutrition, etc. In this blog, we have tried to list the ten best applications that help you track your blood glucose, nutrition and sell diabetic test strips.

Glucose Tracking

  • My Sugr: This app enables you to log in your diabetes data, visually appealing aesthetics, easy to use, and features like a three-month overview of your blood glucose levels to keep track of your A1C. A clean, intuitive, and customizable dashboard sets this apart from other apps available. The app is free with the availability of in-app upgrades. It helps you set reminders to follow up with your sugar levels and enable you to save and share data with your doctor so that you can effectively and efficiently manage your diabetic conditions.
  • Glucose Buddy: It is one of the finest apps to track your blood sugar levels, insulin dosage, medications, A1C, and carb intake. The app syncs with your Dexcom glucometer to maintain a record of your blood sugar levels. It also enables you to track your physical activities and nutrition and reminds you to monitor your blood sugar levels. It has a chart display that allows you to have deeper insights into your blood sugar levels and also allows you to print reports for your doctor’s reference. This app is also freely available with in-app purchases.
Healthcare Apps For Diabetes
  • Diabetes Connect: It is a very simple app that helps you record your blood sugar levels, meals, physical activities, insulin doses, and medication. If you don’t want to have a feature or functionality, you can turn it off, keeping the interface clean and straightforward. The app can sync with multiple devices and give you deeper insights into your diabetes management in the form of graphs and reports.
  • Diabetes M: This app has all the features that you require to effectively manage your diabetes, like test reminders, nutritional logs, fitness log, blood sugar mapping, etc. It also has a feature that calculates the amount of insulin based on the nutritional information you log into the app. The app is available for free with in-app purchases that allow you to have multiple profiles.
  • One-Touch Reveal: This app syncs with One Touch Verio Flex and One Touch Verio Reflect glucometers to track your blood sugar readings. Based on your blood glucose readings, this app will automatically search for the trends and send you push notifications to take appropriate actions. The app plots trend events based on a timeline that can help your health advisor adjust your diabetic care plan. It helps you know the highs and lows of your blood sugar levels and lets you know when your sugar levels are healthy or out of range.


  • Fooducate: It is a nutrition-based application that assesses the quality of the meal you are eating. It assigns a grade to the food quality that you are eating based on the nutrition quality. It provides you with explanations and recommendations from nutrition professionals and community support so that you can make smart decisions on your food intake to manage your blood sugar levels. The app helps you to determine the sugar intake, hidden ingredients and more based on the meal you consume.
  • Carb Manager: This app helps you determine the carbs, fats, proteins, and calories associated with different foods. You can log your meals with photos and voice memos based on which it calculates the carb amount associated with your meal. The app lets you set a fitness log and weight loss goal by syncing it with a fitness tracker based on the subscription purchased. The app is freely available with in-app purchases that allow you to track your blood sugar levels and insulin values.
  • My Fitness Pal: This is another popular meal tracker app that records your food intake, water consumption, physical activities, and weight goals to make you focus on your defined objectives. You can also track the nutrients of your food like car, fats, proteins, vitamins, fibres, and calories. You can also find links to articles from My Fitness Pal Blog so that you can get tips and insights on how to manage your diabetes and overall health effectively.

Other Important Apps that you must have

  • SellMyStrip: This app is something that every diabetic patient must-have. This app enables you to sell your unused, unexpired, and undamaged diabetic test strips in return for fast and real cash. The app offers you a pickup and drop off facility for your diabetic test strips. Once your diabetic test strips are verified for quality and expiration date, you get fast and real cash in your pocket.
  • Medical ID: It is a medical identification app that helps early responders to know about your health condition. Using this app, you can record your health condition, diabetic conditions, medications, allergies, and emergency contact information. The app won’t help you manage your diabetes but will alert others about your health condition in case of an emergency.

In this blog, we have highlighted some of the healthcare applications that can help you manage your diabetes, nutrition, fitness, and other healthcare conditions. We will be back with more such meaningful insights on diabetes management; till then, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!!

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