What Happens When You Take Excessive Diabetes Medicine

22 January 2021

For patients who have diabetes, taking regular and proper medication is the key to managing their blood sugar levels. Sometimes, diabetic patients forget whether they have taken these medicines or not and accidentally take twice the dose. People wonder whether taking two medicines instead of one makes a big difference.

All insulin and diabetic medicines can lower your blood sugar levels if you take more than the prescribed dosage. Taking excessive diabetic medicines can result in hypoglycemia, which can lead to serious health complications.

Different types of diabetes medicines have different effects and can interact with other medicines that you are taking. If taken as prescribed by your health advisor, diabetes medicines can act as a lifesaver. However, taking too much of them can cause severe side effects and sometimes even death. 

Like all the other medications, you need to take diabetes medicines in the right amount. Taking the right medication will only benefit you to manage your basal insulin that maintains your blood sugar level throughout the day. Correct dosage of diabetes medicines may vary depending upon the following factors;

  • Your fasting blood sugar level
  • Amount of carbohydrates and sugary substances in your meal
  • Your daily physical activity schedule
  • Body sensitivity to insulin
  • Your blood sugar levels after a meal

Excessive diabetic medication can cause your body cells to absorb too much glucose from your blood, lowering your glucose levels in the blood. Your body needs the right amount of glucose in your blood to operate properly.

In case you have accidentally taken an overdose of your diabetes medicine, then don’t worry, and get the advice of your health advisor. Based on the guidelines from your doctor;

  • You need to monitor your blood sugar levels more closely to see whether you need additional treatment.
  • Look out for the symptoms of low blood sugar levels like feeling dizzy, weak, rapid heartbeat, and sweaty.
  • Immediately lookout for treatment if your blood sugar level drops down below 70mg/dl.

It is recommended to consume 10 to 15gms of carbohydrates in low sugar levels such as glucose tablets, fresh juice, soda, and raisins, which are fast to digest. After taking the carb diet, your blood sugar levels should improve within 15 minutes of eating.

You need to monitor your blood sugar level to bring it above 70mg/dl. If you are not able to bring up the blood sugar level, then immediately seek medical attention. Once your blood sugar levels are back to normal, it is advisable to consult your doctor to handle delayed or missed diabetes medicines and what to look out for if you took too much of them. 

There are cases of intentional overdose. People suffering from depression or mental illness are more likely to overdose on diabetes medication. Whether accidentally or intentionally, an overdose of medication can lead to a serious situation. Serious situations that do not respond to normal treatments should immediately be treated as emergencies.  

Self-diagnosis can prove to be very critical in the case of a diabetes medicine overdose. Having diabetic test strips can help you monitor and control your blood sugar levels at regular intervals. Your average consumption of diabetic test strips may vary, depending upon your diabetic type and how often your doctor has advised you to check your blood sugar levels.

If it seems to you that you have some extra boxes of diabetic test strips, then you can sell those to earn fast and real cash. There are potential buyers in the market who can buy your undamaged and unexpired boxes of diabetic test strips for instant cash.

You can ask for a pick-up request or can ship your package of diabetic test strips to buyers. Once your package is verified by the buyer for quality assurance, you get paid within 2 business days.

We hope that in this blog, we have been able to make you aware of the implications and what needs to be done in case of an overdose of your diabetes medicines. We will be back with more such meaningful insights; till then, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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