Frequently Asked Questions

We at take your doubts and concerns seriously. Therefore, we are available to help you and ensure that you get an instant solution for your query from our FAQ page.
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What are the brands of diabetic test strips we accept?Square

We accept most brands of diabetic test strips, which includes OneTouch Ultra, Freestyle lite, Verio, Aviva, Contour, Next, Guide, TrueMetrix to name a few

When do I get my payment?Square

We at make payments for the test strips within two business days after the product is validated and evaluated. Payments are processed via PayPal, Zelleor business check.

How many strips can I sell?Square

At, you can sell an unlimited amount of diabetic test strips. Here are the terms and conditions that we follow in this process:-

  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • We only deal in purchasing diabetic test strips, which are unexpired and unopened.
  • You should properly seal your strips before shipping to us.
  • We do not pay for damaged goods.

Do you buy expired test strips?Square

No, we do not buy expired test strips. NO exceptions!

Will I be paid for shipping?Square

Yes, we take care of all shipping fees.

Do I need to remove labels on my strips?Square

No, you do not need to remove your labels on your strips. Removing labels from the strips can damage the box. Doing so can impact the value of the strips, or it can even make them worthless.

What makes the price of the diabetic test strip decline?Square

There can be many reasons why the price of the diabetic strips may decline. It all depends on the condition of the diabetic strip and expiration date.

Why should I trust you?Square

We are an honest, professional, and reputed service provider. We believe in offering 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Where do I ship the strips?Square

You can ship your strips to:

P.O. Box 690746

East Elmhurst, NY 11369

Do you purchase any other products?Square

No, currently we are only accepting diabetic test strips.