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To sell test strips online in NYC, here at we use simple to follow steps to help customers all the way through the selling process.



Verify your product qualifies by checking the expiration date, brand type, and quality. Review our FAQs.

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To arrange a local pick up, please fill out our Local pick up request form

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All items we receive are verified for their quality, expiration dates, and brand before payment. If you opt for a local pick up, payment is due immediately after the items are checked. If you ship the diabetic test strips to us, typically payment will be around two business days after the items are checked.

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Often, customers face many challenges, while trying to sell strips for cash. Can they trust the buyer? How does it all work? How do you process it? Rest assured that when you do business with us, we will make you a very satisfied customer. The worries you have had in the past will be gone. We value honest customer service above anything else.

Get guaranteed payment

When you do business with us, either locally or from any other state, your payment can be via a business check or through a paying platform of your choice like Paypal or Zelle. Your payment will be sent instantly securely. If you are unable to receive a payment thru the Paypal or Zelle platforms, we will send a company check to you. Please note this may take a few days to reach you, depending on your location.

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Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips

Receive cash for your unused diabetic test strips within 2 business days from receiving shipment. No shipping cost, no unnecessary waiting, guaranteed payments, and much more.