All About Insulin Pens

17 September 2021

An insulin pen is regarded as a device helpful to inject insulin safely. You can find a variety of insulin pens. Most of them are disposable and have a prefilled amount of insulin. They are thrown away once they are used and emptied. Then you can add a prefilled cartridge to use. Make sure you use a new needle whenever you inject insulin.

You might be having many questions in your head regarding and we are going to answer this in a detailed manner.

Introduction to Diabetes Insulin Pens

Insulin injections are important for people who cannot make insulin or are not able to make it enough. Diabetes insulin pens are self-administered. Insulin pens can truly make it easy for a variety of reasons. Though insulin pens are a bit costly, people are loving this. But it helps to save more in comparison to syringes.

Tips for Using Insulin Pen Needles

In this section, we are going to share important tips about diabetes insulin pens needles. Let’s understand them

  • Firstly, you should wait a bit until insulin comes to room temperature. You must not inject it if it is not at room temperature. It helps to reduce pain.
  • Make sure you go with a new syringe/pen needle/needle every time.
  • Do not forget to remove the needles when it comes to storing insulin pens safely.
  • Read the instructions regarding how to store insulin. Keep them away from cold or hot temperatures.
  • You should always dispose of them safely.
  • Do create a plan to rotate injection sites.

Pros of Pen Needles

People with diabetes find insulin pens quite convenient. Moreover, prefilled disposable pens are quite high in demand. Insulin pens are more popular in comparison to vial and syringe techniques. Insulin pens come up with several excellent features which make them safe and convenient to use. Studies also say that people already using pens are more comfortable going through the dosing scale in comparison to people using syringe or vial method.

Because of insulin pens, it becomes easy to stick with their insulin therapy easily. It is quite important to understand its benefits. Here, we are going to mention the prominent ones

  • Since they are small and hold thin sizes, patients do not get scared.
  • It serves benefit to pre-set the dose easily just going with a dial
  • They are quite easy to use, especially for children and adults.
  • It makes it possible to cater highly accurate doses
  • They are easy to port and hold convenient nature.
  • Since they are prefilled and preset completely, it saves your time
  • Memory features also add value to it The excellent range also makes it easy to store and use

Cons of Pen Needles

In this section, we are going to share the cons of pen needles. Let’s understand about it

  • It is only ideal for self-injection
  • It is more costly in comparison to vial and syringe
  • Some insulin cannot be reused
  •  They are not worldwide covered by health insurance carriers
  • Not all sorts of insulin can be used If you use pen needles, it would not be possible to mix 2 different sorts of insulin

Cost and Buying Options of Diabetes Insulin Pens

The average cost of an insulin pen was around $99 in 2018. Studies say that it used to be a high amount in comparison to other countries all around the world. The cost of insulin and insulin is getting higher over the years. Moreover, it has even doubled. The most popular and trusted companies such as Humalog Kwikpen are introducing insulin pens at $600. Other known companies are introducing these diabetes insulin pens at higher costs. Talking about the general pricing, it is $300 and goes above.

People with diabetes and not earning so well keep looking for diabetes medicines, insulin pens, and test strips at reasonable prices. If you have extra and unused ones then you must sell test strips online.

You do not need to face a lot of hassles since the reputed brand called sellmystrip can make it easy for you. The entire process is easy and simple. Here, you can sell your test strips and earn money along with helping the needy.

Short about Top 3 Diabetes Insulin Pen Products

Today’s advanced market gives you an excellent opportunity to buy the best quality insulin pen products. There are a variety of brands available with standard quality insulin pen products. Buy after analyzing them thoroughly. Most people get confused that how they can buy the ideal insulin pen when there are so many brands and models available.

You must consider these facts. You must be aware of the fact that what sorts of insulin are available for the pen as it probably could be limited. The next thing you need to consider is how many units your pen can truly hold when full. You also need to understand how large a dose can be injected. What is the adjustment method and how it can easily be tuned.

You should also consider the size of the number on pe. It is important to consider in case people with diabetes have impaired vision or they magnify. You should also emphasize on the fact that it is tricky to operate the pen. While buying an insulin pen, you should also understand how much insulin is left in the barrel.

How to Dispose of Insulin Pens Safely?

Have you been wondering how to dispose of insulin pens safely? You are at the right place. We are going to elaborate here in a detailed manner. They are needed to dispose of after they are emptied.

Though you may throw it away after using this in your garbage, you must detach its needle. The reason for separating the needles is that they belong to the sharp category.  Experts say that sharp category oriented medical devices could be dangerous for those who pick up your garbage. To ensure safety, it is good to separate it. Moreover, it also belongs to disposal guidelines.

Whether it is about the sharp or needles, they must be disposed of safely so that it could not injure people or animals. Apart from it, these objects also carry body traces in the form of blood which could be infected by viruses and bacteria. It means it could be the reason for infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, etc.

Therefore, it is important to dispose of insulin pens safely. Never throw them in the recycling bins, toilet, trash can, etc. You must follow these tips to ensure the safety around you.

Concluding Paragraph

We hope that you have accumulated important information from the above-mentioned points. If you still have any doubts or are not able to choose the right insulin pen, you must consult with your doctor. If you have extra strips then you should sell them online so that the needy could buy them at reasonable prices. Moreover, you will get cash for diabetics’ supplies.

They would be considering you the best. You should follow them thoroughly since it is all about your health.

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