5 ways to Get The Best Price For Selling Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips

12 September 2020

After understanding why people sell their diabetic test strips, here are the top five ways to get the best price while selling your unused diabetic test strips.

1. Never damage your diabetic test strips

Most diabetic strip buyers only accept diabetic test strips which are not damaged. So, to get maximum value for your diabetic test strips, ensure they are not damaged. 

2. Never try and sell used diabetic test strips


3. Never let your diabetic test strips expire

Most diabetic test strips buyers, like, purchase strips with about 13 months left before expiry. So, in this case, you should check the expiration date of the strips. The further away the expiration date, the higher the value of your diabetic test strips.

4. Check for your brand

Not all buyers accept all brands of diabetic test strips. So, while you are selling your strips, always choose the genuine brands that are accepted by the buyers. 

5. Pay attention to the process of storing your strips

If you want to sell and earn cash for diabetic test stripsyou should pay attention to the process of storing your strips. Storing strips in the wrong place will damage the strips and impact their value when you focus on getting more cash for test strips.

Why is selling diabetic test strips online is becoming popular?

Have you have thought about why selling diabetic test strips online is getting common these days? If yes, then here are the things that are making it viral:

  • People want to earn money with their unused diabetic test strips
  • Today, people are getting more conscious about selling their strips for charity
  • Selling diabetic test strips is safe for the environment,
  • The demand for unused diabetic supplies increases day-by-day; therefore, it will help to sell unused diabetic supplies.


We hope this sheds some light for you on the ways you can get the best use and value out of your diabetic strips. The above-discussed points will be the best for you if you have many unused diabetic test strips. So, do not wait! Search for the best place to sell diabetic test strips for cash to get the best value for the strips. 

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