Type 1 Diabetics Symptoms you Need to Know

14 August 2021

Health is wealth. No matter how luxurious life you have, you would not be able to enjoy it if you are not healthy.

To stay fit and away from diseases, you need to go with a healthy lifestyle. But it does not seem possible because of a hectic schedule.  However, if you are aware of common diseases and their symptoms, you can avoid complications having early treatment. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases affecting people all around the globe.

It is quite important to be aware of the type 1 diabetics symptoms so that you could detect it at an early stage before anything gets complicated.

Type 1 Diabetics

Type 1 Diabetes especially affects your immune system and your pancreas’ cells will be destroyed. Therefore, it is called an autoimmune disease indeed. You might be contemplating what causes Type 1 Diabetes. But there is still no clarity on what can cause Type 1 diabetes. Though, it is said that the immune system starts attacking insulin-producing beta cells mistakenly. Health experts say that it could happen because of genes in some people. Or it is also possible that a virus starts attacking the immune system.

To put in simple words, Type 1 Diabetic is also regarded as insulin-dependent diabetes as well. This is called since your body would not be able to produce less or no insulin. It is an important hormone responsible for moving sugar from your bloodstream into your cells. The sugar will keep building up in your bloodstream if you do not have needed insulin. And your cell will keep starving for energy indeed.

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Common Type 1 Diabetic Symptoms you Need to Know

You may wonder knowing that millions of people have diabetes but they probably are not aware of it. Type 1 diabetics symptoms are not always obvious or they come on so gradually. Therefore, it is quite important to be aware of the diabetic symptoms. Understanding these symptoms can help to early diagnosis and treatment so that you would not get into complications. Here, we are going to mention the symptoms and signs of this disease indeed.

Frequent Urination

Type 1 diabetes is also called an autoimmune disease. It makes your pancreas not work properly. Insulin will stop production. Insulin is counted as a hormone that is quite essential to churn out energy from food. Type 1 Diabetic can happen to anyone irrespective of age.

Type 1 diabetics people need to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels indeed.  They should keep having insulin doses on a regular basis. Apart from it, you should make sure that you are going with a disciplined lifestyle. Whether it is about eating or activity, you need to be completely disciplined. If you notice this symptom, you need to fix an appointment with your doctor.

Dehydration and Thirst

And another most common symptom is excessive thirst. This disease starts building more glucose, a sort of sugar, in your blood. Excessive glucose means your kidney would be forced to work a lot to get it to filter as well as absorb. The excess glucose is thrown out of the body into your urine when your kidney fails to keep up. Urine also starts dragging other fluids which lead to dehydration. It means you would be feeling thirstier.  The more you drink fluids, the more you will be urinating.

Increased Hunger

Insulin is responsible for churn out energy whatever you eat. Your sugar level goes high whenever you have your meal. And then pancreases produce insulin and it gets into your bloodstream. Because of this glucose gets into your muscles’ cells,  liver, and fat. Your body used or stored the energy accordingly. 

But it does not happen with a diabetic person. Insulin does not work sophisticatedly if you are a diabetic. Your body would not be able to create energy. The blood sugar will remain as it is in the bloodstream since a sophisticated amount of insulin is not available. Therefore, muscles and other cells will keep craving for the needed energy. Because of this entire thing, a diabetic always keeps feeling hungry. They feel they need more food.

Weight Loss

Frequent urination means you would be losing glucose. You will also be losing calories because of frequent urination. Glucose would be reaching your cells and it results in constant hunger. Because of all this, you will start losing weight. If you notice that you are losing weight speedily, you need to see the doctor. Generally, people do not pay much attention to weight. If you feel that you are abnormally losing weight, you need to consult with your health experts to know the reason.

Nausea and Vomiting

This one is one of the most common Type 1 diabetes symptoms. Nausea means you will feel sick and experience around your stomach area. Nausea and vomiting are common signs of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes affects your body’s gastric system. In diabetes, your blood glucose level keeps fluctuating. It affects your metabolism and develops a mixture of nausea. If you start experiencing it more often, you should not take it lightly. See your doctor and start your treatment at the earliest.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is regarded as a serious complication that happens when your body creates a lot of ketones which is a blood acid. It happens your body fails to develop the ideal amount of insulin. Because of insulin, it becomes possible to turn glucose into energy which your muscles and other tissues require. If an ideal amount of insulin is not created, your body would not feel the needed energy. And Ketones will start building up and this leads to complications. You should not delay your treatment if you experience any of these above-mentioned symptoms. You should get your appointment fixed with the doctor to get emergency care.

You should not get scared if you are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Having proper medication and treatment can make type 1 diabetics have a normal life. Follow all the guidelines said by your doctors.

To keep your diabetes under control, you need to be careful what you eat, sugar intake, do regular exercise, have blood sugar under control, and get a regular exam of your body. You should not avoid your medicines. Follow all the necessary instructions your doctor said to you. Your health should always be on your top priority. Go with a healthy lifestyle having fresh vegetables, less stress and more exercise.

Concluding Paragraph

Never take Type 1 Diabetes lightly as it can lead to heart disease, chronic infection, and kidney damage. And life-threatening conditions as well. Therefore, it is quite important to keep it in control and wisely treated.

If you experience any of these common Type 1 diabetes symptoms, you need to get your appointment fixed with your doctor indeed.

Never take it lightly otherwise it can lead to complications.

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