Top 10 Website that Buys Unused Diabetic Test Strip

22 July 2021

Smart people believe in making smart decisions. They know how to get the most out of anything, even if it is about unused diabetic test strips. They do not throw in a trash can but prefer to sell at a good price.

A Bit About Diabetic Test Strip –

It is quite important to keep a close eye on your blood sugar level if you are a diabetic person and need to manage your disease. Diabetes Test Strips are called an ideal way to get your blood sugar tested. This strip analyses your blood sugar levels. Get your blood glucose checked regularly. Test strips help you to know what activity, medication, or food is affecting your sugar level in a good or bad way.

Best 10 Websites To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strip Easily and Safely

To sell unused test strips, it is ideal to choose the best website where you can sell your unused test strips without coming across any hassles.

#1 Sell My Strip

Sell Test Strips Logo
  • Sell My Strip is a reputed brand established in 2020 to make it easy for you to sell your diabetic test strips. The entire process to sell online is completely safe and secure. Get your products verified by checking their brand type, expiry date as well as quality. You also need to fill an online form for local pickup to get the facility of local pickup. You need to fill the online form of Prepaid Label Request Form to get your qualified test strip shipped. Before making payment, items are checked thoroughly. You will get quick cash for diabetic test strips if you prefer the option of a local pick-up. If diabetic test strips are shipped, then payment will be done within 2 business days after thoroughly checking the items.

#2 Two Moms Buy Test Strips

  • This highly reputed platform buys test strips having an expiry date of 8 months. Moreover, more money is paid for test strips that have an expiration date of 12 months or more. You may also sell Humulin, Omni pods, Dexcom, and lancets. Make sure that the boxes you are going to sell diabetic test strips near me are not damaged. Submit your order online and can request a prepaid shipping label to be emailed. If it sits well with you then you may pay your shipping on your own. Payment is done via Direct Deposit, PayPal, or Zelle after receiving and reviewing your package.

#3 Strips USA

  • The list will remain incomplete without adding the name of Strips USA, regarded as a prominent buyer of unused diabetic test strips. Here, unopened and unexpired strips are accepted. It does not matter what brand of diabetic test strips are, since all are acceptable. The whole process to sell test strips on this platform is quite easy and fast. After exploring the web portal, you will be receiving an email with a prepaid shipping label. Payment is done via business check or PayPal within stipulated 24 hours after receiving your package.

#4 Fast Cash Strips

  • At this platform, test strips would be expiring 10 or more months from now. But they also accept the unused diabetes test strip having an expiration date that extends from 6-9 months, offering less price. Moreover, damaged boxes are also bought, but the seal must not be broken. You just need to fill an online form, and they will be sending you a prepaid shipping label. Your cash for diabetic test strips near me would be done on the same day after receiving the package.

#5 Dollars for Strips

  • Any brand’s non-expired test strips are accepted at Dollars For Strips. You will be getting a smaller amount for the test strips having an expiration date of within 13 months. Here, damaged boxes are also accepted, giving you half price. You may also visit in person at its location including New Orleans, Charlotte, NC, etc. if you want cash 4 diabetic test strips on the same day. You may also mail them a prepaid shipping label they impart you, and you will be receiving the cash for diabetic test strips within 24 hours of shipment’s receipt if already using PayPal.

#6 Diabetic Exchange USA

  • The prominent buyer of diabetic supplies buys all types of test strips, CGM’s and lancets. The official Sell Diabetic Test Strips Locally web portal is quite easy to navigate. You may receive a free shipping label via email or a free shipping kit would be mailed to your door. Earn a handsome amount selling your unused diabetic test strips.

#7 American Medical Surplus

  • Being a reputed platform, it always believes in making its customers highly happy and satisfied. They buy test strips coming up with an expiry date of over 12 months from now. Damaged boxes are not accepted. Test strips that do not meet the criteria, need you to pay to have them shipped back if you need them back. You will also have to fill an online form adding all necessary details including the type as well as the quantity you want to sell diabetic test strips. Once this process is done, you will be receiving a printable prepaid mailing label. Payment will be done on the same day they get the package.

#8 Cash 4 Diabetic Supplies

  • It truly accepts the unused test strip coming up with an expiry date of 6 months or more from now. They accept at a time of 2-100 count boxes or 4-50 boxes. Though some test strips are also allowed with a minimum count as well. Sell your test strips and get a free mailing kit, adding all needed details in the online form. You will receive a payment within 24 hours once they receive the package.  


  • This platform is known to sell diabetic test strips for cash having an expiry date of at least 7 months. If a test strip has an expiry date of over 11 months, then a higher price will be paid. Damaged boxes are also accepted. New customers do get different types of bonuses. You will receive a label online or request they send you along with a mailing kit. Get your payment within 24 hours once they receive the test strips.

#10 More Cash for Test Strips

  • It is regarded as an ideal platform to sell test strips online. This reputed company is available to serve you 24/7. All you need to do is add the number of boxes underneath the boxes’ picture, and you will be having a total pay-out indeed. Then you need to fill in all the necessary details in the form mentioned on the price list page’s bottom, and you would be receiving your shipping label within no time. Your application will be checked and after approval, you will be receiving payment within one business day. 

We hope that we have made it easy for you by introducing the list of top 10 web portals where you can sell your unused test strips easily online. All you need to do is some needed formalities, and you will be receiving a handsome amount in your account.

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to sell your unused test strips and get cash. It is not all about doing a sort of business, but you would be helping the needy ones as well. Many people all across the world cannot afford or pay a huge amount to buy diabetic test strips. This type of initiative brings a change to society since it is a win-win situation for buyer and seller both at the same time.

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